Sunday, June 29, 2014

Add A Personal Flare: Accent Pieces

At FurniVerse, we are very in tuned with our customer's direct needs and supply their requests accordingly.  One discussion with a particular client, has stayed with us, hence sparking our current Blog Discussion about Accent Pieces and the importance they play in setting the right house hold ambiance.  Selecting the right Accent Pieces such as: Rugs, Paintings, Mirrors, Vases, and Sculptures; can make a vast difference!  These accent pieces are the "Icing" to the cake...

Accent Pieces are bought to add an extra flare to the rooms which you have chosen to place them.  You want to be cautious as to not buy too many Accent Pieces and over load them onto your surroundings.  You're household will then look too unorganized and cluttered.  Depending on the style of furniture you choose and your personal taste in furniture, you can select the right piece to place in your living room.  A splash of color would go great by an earthly toned sofa set. A painting with dramatic colors hung upon the wall on your living room, can set the right tone and be a conversation starter during family functions. An elegant vase, placed on a modern end table, will show your guests that you pay attention to detail!

 Sculptures are incredible Accent Pieces, as they show your personal interests and hobbies; all while show casing your artistic nature...  Prime example, one of our customer's is a professional Russian dancer and she ordered a custom piece of sculpture that showed a Ballerina in a beautiful dance position.  That sculpture meant a lot to her, due to sentimental value it held.  It was also well received by her friends and family!

Lighting, Mirrors, and Rugs are also great Accent Pieces... 
Rugs show cultural heritage and some depict a historical story, which can be very meaningful to the purchaser! Paying attention to such details is what turns a House into a Home. Adding personal touches, such as the aforementioned show cases your personality, cultural background, personal hobbies, and most importantly your individuality. Browse through our website and select the right Accent Pieces to amaze your friends and family!

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