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Man first began to fashion metal into items for personal use as early as the Bronze Age, dating from around 3500 BC. For more than 5,000 years, we have experimented with different types of amalgams and recipes to create strong and durable items from metal. As we began to create buildings and homes, metal was used in the form of nails, hinges, screws, knobs, and fixtures as well as for railings and fire screens. It is only recently, however, that we have begun to use more metal in structural and aesthetic ways. Modern interiors include the juxtaposition of metal against glass to create clean, almost ethereal spaces. As recently as a few decades ago, metal was still considered an industrial element and not particularly suited to residential interiors. Not any more. The benefits of unique finishes, airy open railings, and great strength relative to size all combine to give metal an undeniable élan in our homes. Metal and metal finishes have become very chic. Stainless steel kitchens exude a functional cachet with an almost hygienic aesthetic. Metal as an element of interior design is crisp, clean, and easy to use

Just the Facts

Metal has great strength. All metals are durable and pest resistant. As a structural material, metal can be expensive, but due to its strength, less material is required, thereby reducing overall costs.

Get a 10% Off All Our Products
Base metals react to the elements and many can rust over time. Iron, aluminum, and lead are base metals and are manufactured into many elements we use in our home ever

Noble metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper, don’t rust, but can tarnish over time, often with beautiful results. The use of protective applications helps those metals that rust and corrode retain their original finish.

All types of metal conduct electricity and gain and lose heat very quickly and easily.

Metal amplifes sounds and contributes to an excessive noise level if not properly balanced with softer, more sound-absorbent materials.

Metal is relatively easy to recycle. In many instances, more than 90 percent of most metal can be recycled for new use

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