Monday, March 31, 2014


The industrial revolution may have been exciting in its time, but nothing can compare to the quantum leaps we have achieved over the past fifty years. One giant leap for mankind put us on the moon, but it was the computer and our ability to rework and re-envision the materials with which we live that brought us to today’s breathtaking developments in interiors. Make no mistake, the race to the moon started the process that gave us the breakthrough technology for improvements in lighting and fabric manufacturing, in addition to materials never before thought of as usable in residential or commercial interiors. Even the way professional interior designers develop plans and renderings has been impacted by the computer as a tool for productivity. Through advanced communication, technical expertise, and out-of-the-box thinking, we are beginning to see the future for the elements of interior design.

    Along with the technical developments of the past fifty years, we have also become aware of our environment as a system and of the connection between the health of the planet and the actual success of mankind. We have become aware of our mortality. It comes as no surprise that the first Earth Day was celebrated around the same time we blasted our way into outer space. As we raised our eyes to the heavens, we also took a long, hard look at how we used the limited supply of materials on our own planet. Plastics were seen as one of the most egregious elements, devouring resources and becoming almost unrecyclable. Deforestation and strip mining were cited as cancers to the environment, creating unsightly scars on the planet. We began to explore the possibilities of elements that were far easier to replace or replant.

The search for sustainable elements has brought a new energy to seemingly unremarkable woods, fabrics, and reused boards and beams. An understanding of how design elements are produced and finished helps mitigate the impact we have on the environment. Technology has helped us create plastics that are easily recycled, and new forms of lighting use far less energy than conventional bulbs. The evolution of our technological expertise will undoubtedly help us create materials that are not only cutting edge and exciting but environmentally friendly and innovative. continued exploration of the possibilities will create new cutting-edge elements and enhance those wonderfully comforting and heartwarming elements many of us grew up with.

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