Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Leather has always been associated with luxury and wealth. The aroma of leather is evocative of new, expensive cars and gloves and coats. Used as a tile for walls or floors, leather creates a warm and supple interior. It invites touching, and walking on leather is very tactile and satisfying. The look of leather improves with use, and floor tiles in particularly become as inviting as an old leather chair. Leather tile comes from the sturdiest part of a bison or other cattle and is thicker than most other leathers

Leather gives an interior a sense of quality and luxury. It is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, creating subtle shadings and patterns by mixing tiles of different shades together. Leather is a natural product, and there are variations between tiles even from the same animal.

To facilitate installation, floor tiles are mounted on a wood backing with grooved joints. These tiles can also be treated to be more fame retardant.

How It’s Used
Leather is used as flooring and to clad walls and other vertical surfaces. Generally, it takes about twenty-four hours for flooring tiles to set and be ready for use.

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