Sunday, January 26, 2014


The element produced from a mature Bamboo plant has been shown to be harder than either oak or maple. Although mostconstruction-grade Bamboo comes from china and Indonesia, many of the manufacturers have taken the process of planting, harvesting, and production very seriously. They also ensure that far fewer chemicals are used (like formaldehyde in the laminating process) to guarantee an end product that is both environmentally sensitive and structurally sound. Bamboo is a grass and requires very little intervention from man during the growth process. Pesticides are not required in the growth process, and full maturity is usually reached in five to seven years. Bamboo improves poor soil, grows at an astounding rate, replenishes the atmosphere with oxygen, and is fully renewable. Although widely used as flooring, planks, veneers, and paneling, Bamboo is also used in the creation of fabrics and wallpapers.


Bamboo is a plentiful, fully renewable resource. It is fast growing and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Strips are laminated into flooring, planks, panels, and veneers. Boards and panels are available in different widths with matching finishing details, such as molding and trim, also available.

Manufacturers have allowed the natural grain of the Bamboo to come out for a variety of interesting patterns and natural colors in finish. Bamboo is stable and as hard as elm and oak in both flooring and paneling

How It’s Used

Flooring is by far the widest use of Bamboo in today’s market. Like all other hardwood flooring products, it needs to acclimate for at least seventy-two hours prior to installation. Installation is the same as for other hardwood floors.


Like hardwood, Bamboo flooring comes prefinished and ready to use. Care of Bamboo flooring is the same as hardwood flooring

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