Tuesday, November 26, 2013


When it comes to floors, there are basically  two types of people : those who love wood and those who love carpet.  Neither option is particularly cheap nor ¨Do it yourself.¨ In general , you may want to start with a good old fashioned elbow  grease  when  it comes to your floors. Floors get more wear and tear than any other part of the living room, so simply scrubbing the carpets or floors will be a big improvement. (A 12%  discount is available for you)

If you are dealing with wall-to-wall carpeting that is worn out (and cleaning didn´t help much), peel back a corner and see what lies underneath. You may have wooden floors below or have the option to put down wood laminate.  Sometimes an easier and cheaper option is simply to replace the padding. (Do you want to change your old furniture?)This will not make your carpeting look better, but it will make it feel better. Plus, if you suffer from allergies, you´ll be less likely to have problems with the carpet if the padding is fresh. 

When it comes to wood floors, you probably have more options with decorating. Depending on the current state of your floors, you may want to use accent carpets, such as runners or small are rugs. If your current floors need refinishing, you can improve their quality without the cost  (and mess) of refinishing by buffing them out. Most hardware stores offer hourly rentals for floor buffing machines. (unbelievable prices)

If your front door opens onto your living room, you want to protect that front are without looking like your great aunt Mildred. It is very tempting to put down plastic on the carpet, but this isn´t the most esthetically pleasing way to decorate your entry. One consideration is to use a bound mat. (new arrivals)  If you have remnants left over from your carpet (or if you an match it at the store), you can easily make bound mats that can be removed for easy cleaning or replaced altogether. This will make it easier for your guests to enter the living room without permanently damaging the carpet with wear and tear.

If you do want to invest in new flooring, you may have to outlay quite a lot of money. That said, you will get  the biggest bang for your buck with new wood floors or fresh wallto-wall carpeting. However, it´s probably best to hire professionals to do the job. Get competing bids and check references , in a down economy,  you may luck out with  a good deal.  (We know you´d love to buy this)

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