Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Decorating your Apartment

There is a certain ambivalence that descends upon renters when it comes to decorating depending on the length of your lease, you may feel that  there´s no point in bringing a personal touch to your apartment . You probably worry that the landlord will penalize you and you´ll will lose the security deposit. You may have roommates with contrary views on decorating. The space may be small and used for a lot of different functions. Despite these real concerns, your living room is still a place where you truly can be ¨at home, so you don´t want to avoid decorating simply because you have obstacles that homeowners don´t.  Making your apartment your own will empower you and give you a sense of belonging.

The good news is that decorating has come a long way with regards to materials that can be attached to walls without damaging them. There are press-on adhesives strong enough to mount photographs and art, along with decals that can add texture and dimension to your living room.

Paint is one way that you can really set apart your space  from the last tenant. Paint is all  about labor, and it is easily undone. You can paint your walls  turquoise if you like, so long as you paint them back  when  you vacate . Just  be careful to protect any wooden surfaces, such as window frames (you don´t  want to paint shut the windows).  Same goes for carpets.  Don´t be afraid to talk to your landlord, but be smart about it. If you somehow or another managed  to get a rentcontrolled apartment, you may not want to clue in the landlord  to any  major improvements you´ve  made  to the property. In any case , keep track of the money  you put into improvements so that you can arue any deductions in getting back your security deposit should the need arise

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