Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tips to buy a good Bed

Without doubt a bed is the place where most of us spend a lot of time.  Statistics show that each human spend one third of his/her life in bed. It is because everyday people often go for sleep for 8 hours.  Did you know that a bed influences a lot over how comfortable we are during the day and night? It means a good night´s sleep is essential for a good day head.  That is why you should care about your bed.    In other words we suggest you to consider your bed as a long term investment, because this one will be with you about the next ten years.
A bed has a lot to do with your health.  Let´s see how it goes.  An uncomfortable bed may be the main reason why not you are not sleeping lately or why you are having problems with your back. Maybe you must be thinking this a problem related to your body, but there is a high probability those problems may be associated with the place where your body is lying on.  Most of the diagnostics about abnormalities in sleep routine match by saying these problems could be a sign that is necessary to get a new a mattress and box spring.  Below we are going to provide you few suggestions about how to buy a new bed and show you the best way to shop for a new bed set.

You have to look for comfort!
Comfort is the most important aspect you should consider while you are buying a bed. If your bed is not comfortable, it is doubtful you can enjoy your sleeping.  That is why we recommend you to sit for few minutes on the bed that you are trying to buy and check if you can feel the comfort or not.  Remember comfort may be summarized in two simple words: soft and support, and make sure that bed conform to the shape of your body.

The mattress, the heart of your Bed
A good purchase of a bed means you have chosen a good mattress.  This is the part of your bed that you should spend most time and money on. Getting a good mattress will ensure you in all probability you are going to have good night´s sleep.  Hey but do not forget the bed base! Remember mattress and base both work together.   It is really appropriate you do not consider about them in isolation.
Do not be afraid to taste out the mattress in the store! It is very recommendable lying on the mattress for a while in the position you usually sleep. In case this one is not comfortable at all, try to look for another bed.

Tip: Do not go for a shopping mattress when you are tired. In this mood,  you will feel comfortable even on the floor.

About bed size
The common idea is that you have to choose the biggest bed you can place into your room.  Keep in mind, size does not only mean the width but also the length of the bed. Professionals furniture agents recommend this one should be 9-14 cms longer than the tallest sleeper.
You have to be realistic about what you want. If you have a small bedroom, probably you won´t have space to place a king size bed.  That´s why the size of your room is a fact you should consider in the purchasing process.  Be sure the option you are about to choose can leave you enough space to get in and out of the room and allow for opening cupboards, closets, and windows.

Finally as you have probably saw in these days on the market you can find all kind of fancy beds.  Remember the main purpose of a bed is to allow you to recharge your batteries.  Just try to take your time to make a wise decision, and purchase something that will help you to have a better life. Taking the time to think introspectively is a 30 minutes investment to ensure you get 10 year of comfortable sleep.

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