Sunday, August 4, 2013

A source of information about Eco-friendly Furniture Shopping

By: Charlette Zemke
Did you know furniture can have a negative impact on the environment? Fortunately lots of companies and customers have become more knowledgeable about how they may contribute to make a better environment.  If we go back in time, we realize the concept of green furniture is new one.  FURNIVERSE is worried about this effect as Furniture Company. That’s why we want with this article that you notice that there is an important connection between the couch you sit on and the global environment.

Where did the material of your furniture come from? Perhaps it would be the simplest question in order to make an eco-approach.  Each day more Furniture companies are paying attention to make their products from materials sustainable.  This means there is an attempt to preserve an ecological balance by not depleting natural resources.  For example, our company is currently selecting woods and other materials that grow faster than other ones, or that have been recycled after other uses.  All of this is part of our commitment to eradicate this ecological problem that society is facing nowadays.

Do you ever think of shipping process of your new furniture could influence on the environmental degradation?  Without doubt how things are shipped and how things are packed is important when it comes to energy use.   Today is very typical that furniture is flat-packed.   But what is this? In other words we are talking about a process that simplifies the transportation process.  It creates more space for more things to be shipped along with it. This means just fewer deliveries would be needed.  So this means less energy is required to get what you want from door to door. 

Have you thought if the materials used for production of your furniture are selected with precaution with the purpose of reducing greenhouse emissions?  A responsible manufacturing practice that is energy efficient is another aspect that substantiates the green label.  Questions like that one that was mentioned above are things  you should concern when you are investigating what is green or what is mean for the planet.

At Furniverse we pay attention to all of the items we offer to our customers. Also as Furniture Company we want to help to build a better future for the world. That’s why we think it is not difficult to go green.   We encourage you to get a little more information about green ideas, along with reading label for your next furniture purchase. Take your time to see what their eco policies are before you make a deal with them.  It does not take too much to do your part.   By getting a commitment to green practices, you will realize there are lots of manufacturers of like mind.  Actually we are one of them.

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