Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Dine With Elegance & Class"

A dining room table is not merely used for its practical reasons, it's a place where families and guests get together to enjoy delectable cuisine and have interesting discussions about life, love, success, politics, and everything in between... A dining room is where treasured moments such as, a family Thanksgiving dinner occurs.  A dining room must be welcoming and give a sense of comfort for you, your family, and your guests.

           As with all furniture, dining room furniture must reflect one's personal style.  Depending on the structure of your home, if your dining room area is also where your living room furniture is, your dining table must relatively match your living room furniture.  

However, some people who have their dining room furniture in a separate room, can create a completely different look for that room.  The main attraction of your dining room, of course, is your dining room table.  The look of your entire dining room depends on the selection of your dining table. 

            The size of a dining table is contingent upon how many people you normally expect during a casual dinner party and how many people are within your immediate family.  Someone who is single, may only need a table that seats four individuals.  If you have a larger family and continuously host extensive dinner parties, you may need to purchase an extendable dining table. 

Now that you have in mind, how many people you would like your dining table to seat, we can discuss selecting a design that will fit your personal taste as well as match its surrounding furniture... 

On FurniVerse Website, there are a vast selection of Modern to Contemporary style dining room tables!  We feature such dining room tables as the: Contemporary Floating Table, Round Modern Dining Table, Modern Marble Dining Table, Classy Lacquer Modern Table, Modern Luxury Glass Round Table, Modern Luxury Black Crocodile Dining Table, and Modern Dark Oak Dining Table; just to name a few...  Once you have selected you're dining room table, then you may select pieces to add an extra flare to your dining room.  Such furniture pieces include: Buffets, Displays, Bars, as well as Accent Pieces.
            When you walk into your dining room, you should have a sense of pride for creating a dining room that looks like a artsy master piece! Whether the pieces you choose are dining furniture that's trending or you go for a more luxuriously classic look, it should speak volumes about who you are as an individual.  You should feel a sense of comfort, as you enjoy your favorite dish!

For further questions on how to select the picture perfect dining room furniture, feel free to contact us on FurniVerse Website: www.FurniVerse.com

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Add A Personal Flare: Accent Pieces

At FurniVerse, we are very in tuned with our customer's direct needs and supply their requests accordingly.  One discussion with a particular client, has stayed with us, hence sparking our current Blog Discussion about Accent Pieces and the importance they play in setting the right house hold ambiance.  Selecting the right Accent Pieces such as: Rugs, Paintings, Mirrors, Vases, and Sculptures; can make a vast difference!  These accent pieces are the "Icing" to the cake...

Accent Pieces are bought to add an extra flare to the rooms which you have chosen to place them.  You want to be cautious as to not buy too many Accent Pieces and over load them onto your surroundings.  You're household will then look too unorganized and cluttered.  Depending on the style of furniture you choose and your personal taste in furniture, you can select the right piece to place in your living room.  A splash of color would go great by an earthly toned sofa set. A painting with dramatic colors hung upon the wall on your living room, can set the right tone and be a conversation starter during family functions. An elegant vase, placed on a modern end table, will show your guests that you pay attention to detail!

 Sculptures are incredible Accent Pieces, as they show your personal interests and hobbies; all while show casing your artistic nature...  Prime example, one of our customer's is a professional Russian dancer and she ordered a custom piece of sculpture that showed a Ballerina in a beautiful dance position.  That sculpture meant a lot to her, due to sentimental value it held.  It was also well received by her friends and family!

Lighting, Mirrors, and Rugs are also great Accent Pieces... 
Rugs show cultural heritage and some depict a historical story, which can be very meaningful to the purchaser! Paying attention to such details is what turns a House into a Home. Adding personal touches, such as the aforementioned show cases your personality, cultural background, personal hobbies, and most importantly your individuality. Browse through our website and select the right Accent Pieces to amaze your friends and family! www.FurniVerse.com

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Patio Furniture That Will Dazzle Your Guests"

On a sunny day, envision yourself lounging next to an infinity pool.  When you close your eyes and picture this, also think about what type of lounge furniture you see yourself sitting upon.  Does it have a splash of color or is it in an earthly tone? Is it a Sectional Sofa Set or a Four Piece Sofa Set? 

The environment you create for your patio area can make a drastic difference in your ability to relax comfortably, all while entertaining invited guests...

When you decide to throw a Summer time bash and invite your guests you want to be able to provide them convenient seating while they enjoy an appetizing brunch.  With such trending options as a Sophisticated Squared Dining Table Set made to seat four guests, or if you are expecting more company you can utilize a larger patio dining set such as the Brown White Modern Bella Vista Dining Set made to seat ten to accommodate everyone. A quintessential home patio dining table should accommodate and four to twelve guests...

Critical components to any party are providing your guests with delicious food, great music, and tasty drinks.  That being said...

Where will your bar-tending staff be mixing up those fabulous cocktails?!? Picture them behind an ultra hip Cubed Modern Brown & White Seven Piece Pub Set.  Large pub sets can also be customized to fit your patio area... 

Capitalize on the amount of room you have and utilize your back yard in a manner in which one can create a serene place for you, your family, and invited guests!  

To better visual the aforementioned furniture is to visit the patio section of FurniVerse website... 

"The Universe Of Modern Furniture"! www.FurniVerse.com

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Brown White Modern Cubed 7 Piece Pub Set

Brown White Modern Cubed 7 Piece Pub Set

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Living Room Ambiance"

When you are an invited guest into someone's home for the very first time, you take a tour of their house and the first room you will visit is their Living Room. It's the epicenter of their home and the location where the majority of a families time is spent...  The furniture one chooses is a direct reflection of their style.  Some prefer opulence, while others take an understated simple approach to styling their living quarters.  Some prefer lively colors, while others choose a more soft, earthly tones.  Color preferences aside, one thing everyone can agree on is the fact that, comfort is key when choosing your living room sofa set.  One must love to be able to relax upon a stylish yet ultra comfortable sofa.  After all, when you come home exhausted from having worked all day and as you turn on your favorite show and sit upon your sofa... You want to fall into a sofa that will feel as though you are being engulfed in warmth and comfort. 

A sofa set is the focal point of a living room...  The sofa set you choose, whether it's a three piece set or a chic sectional set that will wrap around your living room, it needs to make a statement that will have a direct correlation with who you are as an individual.  Once you have chosen you're sofa set, you can then pick out an Entertainment Center that will house your television.  You're Entertainment Center's style and color must match with your sofa set for your living room to look picture perfect.  A popular trend that has captured the masses attention, has the Floating Entertainment Centers.  It could be as simple as a one level media storage unit or it can have multiple shelves that are strategically placed on each side of your TV unit, or even one's that go above your TV unit.  A Floating Entertainment Center will enhance the main section of your living room.  After all let's be honest, people spend the majority of their leisure time watching different TV shows... Might as well, stare at a gorgeous entertainment center while you're watching your favorite show!   
It's very important to have an exact budget in mind when shopping for Living Room Furniture, so one doesn't "Break the Bank", while trying to decor their living room.  Make sure the pieces you purchase reflect who you are as an individual and what you want others to understand about your personal taste.  The accent pieces you choose, such as: Paintings, Rugs, Vases; all add to the overall look of your living room.  When you open your door, one must smile and revel at the beauty that's within their home.  Shop wisely and use your budget effectively... You're best option would be to shop with us, so sit back, relax and visit the Universe Of Furniture!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Man first began to fashion metal into items for personal use as early as the Bronze Age, dating from around 3500 BC. For more than 5,000 years, we have experimented with different types of amalgams and recipes to create strong and durable items from metal. As we began to create buildings and homes, metal was used in the form of nails, hinges, screws, knobs, and fixtures as well as for railings and fire screens. It is only recently, however, that we have begun to use more metal in structural and aesthetic ways. Modern interiors include the juxtaposition of metal against glass to create clean, almost ethereal spaces. As recently as a few decades ago, metal was still considered an industrial element and not particularly suited to residential interiors. Not any more. The benefits of unique finishes, airy open railings, and great strength relative to size all combine to give metal an undeniable élan in our homes. Metal and metal finishes have become very chic. Stainless steel kitchens exude a functional cachet with an almost hygienic aesthetic. Metal as an element of interior design is crisp, clean, and easy to use

Just the Facts

Metal has great strength. All metals are durable and pest resistant. As a structural material, metal can be expensive, but due to its strength, less material is required, thereby reducing overall costs.

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Base metals react to the elements and many can rust over time. Iron, aluminum, and lead are base metals and are manufactured into many elements we use in our home ever

Noble metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper, don’t rust, but can tarnish over time, often with beautiful results. The use of protective applications helps those metals that rust and corrode retain their original finish.

All types of metal conduct electricity and gain and lose heat very quickly and easily.

Metal amplifes sounds and contributes to an excessive noise level if not properly balanced with softer, more sound-absorbent materials.

Metal is relatively easy to recycle. In many instances, more than 90 percent of most metal can be recycled for new use

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Tiles, Panels, and Blocks

Concrete elements that are cast off site, or precast, are attractive and usually meant to be seen. In this manageable form, concrete is far easier to use; it cuts time on-site, and there is no need to wait for the concrete to cure. It is a far less messy and disruptive process. Still, working with precast cement does require some strength and a certain amount of skill for the installations.

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Decorative concrete tiles are available in a wide range of color and shape. They can be used outdoors for patios,pathways, and edging or indoors as flooring. Textures may be honed smooth or ribbed, and the grouting can be part of the overall color or a contrast shade.

With computer control, fine etching, and carving techniques, there are many patterns and textures available for concrete tiles. Many of these tiles are made to order and as such are more expensive than simple concrete tiles, but they come with the added caché of the artisan’stouch. Incised concrete can be installed on walls and backsplashes. When sealed properly, it can also be used for flooring, but it requires more maintenance and can be uneven underfoot.


Concrete block is lighter in weight due to its honeycomb design. It is also higher in insulation properties and is well suited for exterior walls, partitions, and small structures. Concrete tiles can be textured to resemble stone, colored to match any interior design, and come in various thicknesses.

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Large slabs for external use are thicker and weather resistant. Thinner tiles are used like ceramic and stone tiles, are thinner than exterior tiles, and are installed on a solid subfloor with mortar or grout between the joints. Panels of precast concrete come in a range of thicknesses and can be used for exterior and interior applications. Although thin tiles of concrete can be attached with adhesives, thicker panels must be secured in place by metal supports.

How It’s Used

Concrete block is installed with mortar and placed in a pattern similar to brick. By placing the honeycomb interior facing out, a panel or wall takes on the semitransparent aspects of a screen; this is very effective for garden walls and exterior partitions

With flooring, the subfloor must be strong enough to bear the weight of the concrete tiles or slabs and must be smooth, dry, and even. The addition of pattern or color will enhance the rather bland and basic look of unadorned concrete flooring.

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Although any concrete tile or slab can be used to clad indoor walls, for the most effective expression of interiordesign, the most interesting are the handmade artisan-style tiles.


Little or no finishing is required on concrete beyond sealing, if needed, and the application of paint or other topping for interest.

Concrete, untreated with a topical finish, can stain.

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Wallpaper: Choosing and Hanging

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Like printed fabrics, wallpaper comes in a massive variety of colors and styles. Choosing the right paper is often best left to a professional interior designer. He or she will know just what weight, style, and color is right for a particular setting. Although many people have tried to install wallpaper themselves, it is still most often better to choose a professional installer for the job.

The wallpaper must be applied over a clean, smooth wall that has been prepared with an oil-based sealer or preparation suggested by the manufacturer. Wallpaper should never be applied over existing wallpaper or a painted wall that isn’t properly prepared. Lining paper is often a good choice to ensure a smooth, even surface for the chosen wallpaper. Many more expensive screen-printed papers come untrimmed and must have the edges cut straight and smoothed before installation.

Machine-printed papers are by far the most available types on the market today. These papers use a photogravure or rotor-press printing technique, are low in quality, and are very cheap.

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Screen-printed papers are the choice of most professional interior designers and offer crisp, unique designs in multiple colors. The cost of the paper will depend on the number of colors in the paper, as each color must be run and dried before the next color is applied. This silk-screen technique uses patterns cut into a silk screen, over which a layer of gel has been applied to block ink. Each color chosen to create the pattern requires an additional screen to be cut. The technique is manufactured either with machines or by hand. These papers are generally untrimmed.
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Hand-printed papers, also referred to as block-printed papers, use individual blocks, to which ink is applied. The blocks are then pressed onto the paper. This technique istime-consuming and costly.

Natural-fiber papers, such as grass cloth, burlap, and jute, are paper backed, then applied to the surface just like any other paper.

Double-width papers are also available [Our Store], usually for commercial applications

There are no standards in size and shape of a roll of paper, but generally, wallpapers come in an American roll, which is usually twenty-seven inches wide and five yards long. These are most often sold two or three rolls to the piece and are referred to as double or triple rolls. European rolls are twenty-one inches wide and eleven yards long. These are also usually packed and sold in double-roll bolts. When measuring for wallpaper, know what type of roll you will be using for the installation.

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